Chabret’s blocks

  • The CHABRET workshops from Saint Bonnet-le-Chateau (Loire) are specialized into making end grain wood chopping blocks since 1885.
  • The CHABRET chopping blocks are reputed for their quality because they are made carefully, combining the craft tradition and the new production techniques.
  • The CHABRET chopping blocks are produced with selected hornbeam, which dries naturally, then which is cut in squares and blocks. These blocks are surrounded by 30 mm thickness in varnish beech wood, and then they are pieced together by straight tail and pegged in angles.
  • The CHABRET chopping blocks offer the best guarantees concerning the durability face to the usury and atmospheric variations.
  • The CHABRET chopping blocks furniture’s are plated and laminated, white or colored. They are combining an upscale worktop utility with elegancy and storage furniture’s advantages.
  • The CHABRET chopping blocks will be durable for a long time if they are well maintained. They are made to endure.


The wood is a natural and sane product.

If you don’t know about CHABRET’s products yet, you could compare and judge with a try.