Our workshops

  • Chabret makes “end-grain” furniture and chopping blocks since 1885. Which allow us to develop a real know-how and to become the experts in this sector, to provide high end products, fitting all kinds of kitchens, rustic as moderns.


  • Moreover, our chopping blocks are 100% French products. We source our wood in Jura and make the chopping blocks in our workshops of Saint Bonnet le Chateau in Loire. We alloy our handmade know-how with modern production techniques to provide you the best chopping blocks, which resists all shocks and knives strokes.


  • “End-grain” chopping blocks and furniture becoming increasingly indispensable for professionals and for individuals in the culinary arts, we make to measure all our chopping blocks in order that it can perfectly fit your kitchen, and to meet all your requirements.