Wood hygiene

It is recommended by experts to use two cutting boards, one for meat and one for fruits and vegetables to avoid cross- contamination between different raw foods.

Microbiologist at the University of California, Dean Cliver, conducted an experiment to find out what was the most hygienic board between the board of wood, plastic and marble. The best is the wood plank. Indeed, the timber naturally rid germs. Cleaving the said timber " is a porous material and that thereby the liquid is drawn into the timber by capillarity. When there are bacteria in the fluid, they enter the woods and never come back alive, and add that bacteria die slowly. This can take a few hours and finally they are no longer able to cause problems.  These results are not surprising because the teacher according to him, in many similar experiences, wood always ends up the winner.
Planks of wood are the most recommended ones wooden “end-grain” because the fibers being end, they are not cut. So you do not furrow created by cutting food and bacteria cannot therefore accommodate.

The scraper is an indispensable tool in the life of a block. After each use a log must be scraped to remove impurities and maintain smooth and healthy. This is what good scratching that will dig butcher’s blocks.