French wood guaranteed

Our butcher’s blocks are made with hornbeam wood and beech wood. We source only in France, mainly in the Jura, and select our suppliers carefully. Wood has always been the material of choice for furniture manufacturers. Renowned for its robustness, wood "end-grain" resist all shocks and blade shocks. These are applied in the direction of the wood fiber, the cutting plane can neither crumbling nor breaking.

Our wood

We mainly use hornbeam wood and beech wood to make upscale chopping blocks. We source our wood in France only, and select our suppliers carefully.

  • Hornbeams yield a very hard timber, giving rise to the name Ironwood. Dried heartwood billets are nearly white and are suitable for decorative use. For general carpentry, hornbeam is rarely used, partly due to the difficulty of working it. Its hardness has however lent it to use for carving boards, tool handles, hand plane soles, coach wheels, piano actions and other situations where a very tough, hard wood is required. Its dense foliage and marcescent (not falling in autumn) can be confused with beech foliage.


  • Beech is a tree of the Fagaceae family because the fruit is held in a "cup"
    (Chestnut, oak, beech). In "end grain wood" (not debited), it is used to make chopping blocks. Beech wood accepts turning (toys, chair legs), dyeing and polishing. Because of its homogeneity, beech wood was much used by “Boisseliers”, turners, and manufacturers of complex parts. Beech is used in 14% of furniture made in France, just behind the oak. Beech covers 9% of the French forest behind oak and Scots pine.