First use:


However, some precautions must be taken to preserve the quality and the effectiveness of your product.


The first few uses, particularly the first, your block may be oiled with cooking oil (1-2 tablespoons spreadable with a clean cloth over all surfaces of the block).


This will allow him to keep a better appearance and will guarantee a long service life.



  • Oil your block once a month with cooking oil, spread 1 to 2 tablespoons (for a 50x40cm wooden block) with a clean cloth over all surfaces of the bolt assembly to ensure durability.
  • Never wet your block to clean it, scrape it with the blade of a knife or scraper, this will remove excess moisture from the meat cut and keep the wood in perfect condition.
  • The contact with hot pans and dishes.
  • The excessive proximity with a convection heating or air conditioning systems such as dry air.
  • The overexposure to sunlight behind glass.
  • Too strong temperature variations.
  • To put it between two materials without providing an expansion joint, when it is embedded.

What you should never do to your block




All Chabret’s wooden blocks are guaranteed 6 months against manufacturing defects, since all the conditions listed above have been met. Only a possible manufacturing defect will be considered.